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    Sandard  Operating Procedure for Public Dealing

    In view of the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19), public dealing at the Consular Wing of the Consulate was suspended w.e.f. 16 March 2020. Now considering the overall situation of COVID-19 in Germany, it has been decided to resume the public dealing in the Consulate w.e.f. 29 June 2020.

    Applicants who wish to visit the Consular Wing for various consular services must seek prior appointment through following e-mail ids as per their requirement:

              For passport & birth registration services:    passport.frankfurt@mea.gov.in

              For visa related services:                              visa.frankfurt@mea.gov.in

              For OCI& attestation services:                     oci.frankfurt@mea.gov.in

    Applicants should visit the Consulate according to the date and time slot given to them by the Consulate.

    No applicant will be entertained without appointment until further order issued by the Consulate.

    All visitors should wear the masks and maintain social distancing. Entry without masks will not be allowed.

    After entering the Consulate’s premises, the applicants should observe the guidelines placed at the entrance of the Consular Wing. After entering the Consular Hall, the visitors should sanitise their hands by using the sanitizer kept in the Consular Hall. Applicants must maintain social distance of 1.5 to 2 meters and follow the instructions of the Consulate’s staff.