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Passport application Checklist

Name of the link-Passport Application Checklist-

Are you eligible to apply ?

  1. Check the Consular jurisdiction- Consular jurisdiction of CGI, Frankfurt extends to states of Hessen, North Rhine Westphalia, Rhineland Palatinate and Saarland. Only if you are residing and registered with the German authorities in these states, you can apply with the Consulate General of India, Frankfurt.
  2. Check the validity of your passport-Application for Reissue of passport can be made only within one year of expiry (the last year of validity) of the current passport.

Have you filled up the application form correctly ?

  1. Only online passport forms accepted-Passport applications are to be filled only online and the printout of the completed online application is to be submitted along with photos and necessary documents. No hand filled application forms are accepted.
  2. No Tatkaal Option-Facility of Tatkaal application is not available.
  3. Give valid email and phone no- Please fill up all the columns in the application form including your current valid phone number and email without fail.
  4. Self attest all document copies-Self attest with date all the copies of documents enclosed with the application.

Are you Submitting in person or by post ?

  1. Prior Appointment for Submission of Applications at the Consulate- Applicants will need prior appointment for submission of passport applications at the Consulate. Applicants can submit the forms during public hours- 9.30 am to 12.30 am at the Consulate on any working day. For details of our Holiday Calendar, see under the link 'About Us' in www.cgifrankfurt.gov.in   Applicants have the option of applying by post by paying a service charge through our authorized service provider, Indo German Consultancy Services-IGCS. (www.igcsvisa.de)
  2. Postal applications accepted only thru IGCS-The option of applying by post is possible only through IGCS- www.igcsvisa.de. Passport applications will not be received through post at the Consulate.
  3. For Bank transfer apply thru IGCS. Only cash accepted at the Consulate-If you are submitting the form at the Consulate, the fees have to be paid in Cash. There is no facility of Bank transfer or Credit/Debit card payment at the Consulate. For postal applications through IGCS, payment can be made by Bank transfer. Bank account details of IGCS are available in www.igcsvisa.de
  4. Do not send the original documents by post-Bring the originals in case of submission at the Consulate. For postal submissions, only attested copies are required to be submitted. If required, postal applicants may be required to produce the originals for verification by the Consulate. However, the old passport is required to be sent along with the application for postal submissions so that the it can be cancelled and returned along with the new passport.

Have you enclosed all the self attested copies of Documents ?

  1. Documents required for Re-issue of passport in lieu of current  valid passport due to expire in one year
  2. Prescribed Application form (filled online and printed out)
  3. 2 recent passport photographs measuring 50x50 mm  without border and showing full frontal view of the person's head and shoulders having a white or light colored background. No glare if wearing glasses
  4. Copy of Valid Passport (first and last two pages)
  5. Copy of valid German visa/ residence permit.
  6. Copy of recent Meldebescheinigung  (Proof of residency)

Mode of collection of new passport-

  1. Collection of new passports- Applicants who submit at the Consulate in person will be informed by the Consulate thru email or phone. Passport applicants who submit the application at the Consulate can collect the new passports in person from the Consulate between 4.00 to 5.00 PM on all working days.. New passports will not be despatched by post by the Consulate. In case of postal applicants, IGCS will collect the passports from the Consulate and send it to the applicants by registered post/DHL courier.

For Change in passport particulars-

  1. Change of address-In addition to the above documents in Sl No 1-5, in case the Indian address is to be changed-  atleast one copy of the following documents has to be submitted as a proof of the new address- Aadhar card, Election identity card, Water bill, Electricity bill and Photo passbook of existing bank account of Scheduled Public/Private sector banks.
  2. Change of name-In addition to the above documents in Sl No 1-5 , in case of change in name, the following documents are to be submitted- Paper clipping of two leading daily newspapers in original containing advertisements  of change of name that are published atleast 30 days before the date of application (one daily newspaper should be of the area of applicant's permanent address in India and the other at current address in Germany) and Sworn Affidavit regarding change of name. In case of spouse's wanting a change of name after marriage (except the substitution of woman's maiden surname with that of husband's surname), an additional Joint Affidavit with a joint photograph along with Copy of Spouse's passport and Copy of marriage certificate issued by the registrar of the marriages are to be submitted.
  3. One time substitution of woman's maiden surname with the surname of husband  after marriage-In addition to the above documents in Sl No 1-5, in case of substitution of woman's surname with that of Husband's surname after marriage -  Copy of marriage certificate issued by the registrar of the marriages and copy of copy of Spouse's passport.
  4. Addition of spouse name-In addition to the above documents in Sl No 1-5, in case of addition of Spouse name,   Copy of marriage certificate issued by Registrar of marriages  and copy of spouse's passport .
  5. For documents relating to passports for new born, children below 18 years, damaged/lost passports,  exhausted pages in passports  and for further information related to passport services, see  'Passport services' under the Link 'Consular Services' in www.cgifrankfurt.gov.in