Consular Services

Registration of Birth of a new born baby

Congratulations on the birth of your child !

First, please get a birth certificate from the German authorities.

I Registration of birth

Fill the online form for registration of birth of a minor child at an Indian Consulate munder section 4(1) of the citizenship act, 1955 using the link http://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in/. Click on the option (Registration of birth).

(Before you start, make sure you have the following files try using Internet Explorer and make sure pop-ups are enabled :

  1. Photo of child in JPG format less than 20KB in size;
  2. Scanned signatures of both parents in JPG format less than 20 KB in size;
  3. Scanned copy of birth certificate of child in PDF format less than 1 MB in size;
  4. Scanned copies of passport of both parents (total 4 pages) in PDF format less than 1 MB in size;
  5. Scanned copy of marriage certificate of parents in PDF format less than 1 MB in size.
  • Please make sure that you upload all required documents such as birth certificate, passport copies (i.e pages containing details / address) of both parents and marriage certificate. If documents are not uploaded correctly, the form will be rejected and the applicant has to fill it again.
  • Then Print the form out, which is to be signed by both parents before submission at the Consulate with fees / copies of uploaded documents. This can be done on any working day between 0930-1230 hours with prior appointment.
  • It is required for the child to be present for registration of birth / for applying new passport.
  • If the child is unable to travel, please note that the birth can be registered within one year from the date of birth of child and registration can be carried out when the child is fit to travel.
  • If both parents are unable to accompany the child, then one parent can bring the child alongwith the passports of both parents. The registration form should be signed by both parents.

II Passport application

All forms must be signed by both parents.


  1. Prescribed Application form (apply online, print & submit). https://passport.gov.in/nri/ (Select Fresh Passport under Service Desired column)
  2. Left Thumb impression (male child) / Right Thumb impression (female child) in the signature box.
  3. Four recent passport photographs measuring 50x50 mm without border and showing full frontal view of the child's head and shoulders having a   white or light colored background with eyes open.
  4. Birth certificate in original from the local German authorities along with its copy.
  5. Self attested marriage certificate of parents.
  6. Original passports of parents along with its copies.
  7. Copies of valid visa/residence permit of parents
  8. Letter from German authorities confirming that the child has not been issued any travel document / passport by them.

(There is no set format. A letter from local Auslanderbehoerde will suffice. However, if such a document is not available, a declaration from both parents that the child neither possesses any travel document issued by German authorities nor has one been applied for will suffice)

  1. Meldebescheinigung of child also if possible, otherwise that of parents will suffice (Proof of residency).

Fee - EUR 42 (Euro 40+ Eur 2) + EUR 27, 00 (Eur 25.00+ Eur 2.00) for Birth Certificate. In addition, EUR 12.00 will be charged for the affidavit.

Originals documents will be returned after verification at the time of submission of forms.

Both Birth Registration and Passport application form can be submitted together.

The Consulate will first register the birth and then process the passport application.